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Melina Rousselle

Melina Rousselle has provided customized systems and implementation to improve cash flow management and reduce inefficiencies for over 20 clients. She also designs curriculums and teaches Bookkeeping Basics and QuickBooks for Capilano University, and is a business and life coach to professionals in several fields.


A message from Melina

With every interaction I have, I want people to know that they are safe, they are heard, and their dreams are valid.  I just happen to be an Accountant and have the skills to help people get organized and set goals for their businesses.  That’s how I use my passion to do my part.  What really motivates me is that behind every business is an entrepreneur or business owner, and behind every entrepreneur and business owner, there’s a dream.  It’s that dream that I want to help grow and validate.

Nothing means more to me than helping small business owners succeed. I want people to not only run their businesses flawlessly but to feel empowered when doing so. Owning and running a business is not easy – I can attest to this! I not only want to share my talents as a highly-skilled Accountant and Coach, but as a young person who has had to learn the ropes the hard way through trial and error. In addition to having sixteen years of professional experience, I have been operating my own business full-time successfully for seven years. It just keeps getting better and better, and I love helping others find their way to success in business.

As a CPA candidate, I’ve gained valuable knowledge that I want to share.  There are so many  tools that can make managing your business easier and more effective. The more I learn, the more I want to share. Let’s grow and learn together!

—Melina Rousselle

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