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Vancouver Business Coach

Have you already been running a business for a while? Chances are that at some point you’ll need to hire employees or retain the services of independent contractors. When you’re ready to reach this milestone, a Vancouver business coach can show you the way. There are a number of employment processes and rules, both at the federal and provincial level, that you need to take into account. For instance, you will need to have a business number and payroll account in order to legally pay your employees. Not only that, but having employees means you need to manage them. Human resources tasks are often subtle and full of legal pitfalls. With business coaching Vancouver BC, you’ll get expert advice on how to handle these significant steps in the life of your business. Also, it’s important to know when you should call an attorney for specific legal advice.

Maybe you already have a business with several employees, but you really want to outshine your competition. This is when a business coach Vancouver can be especially helpful. Outshining your competition means, among other things, differentiation from them. If your business looks just like the one down the street, people will probably go to the one that’s closest. Or worse, it’ll become a price war where nobody wins. With competent small business coaching Vancouver, you’ll know how to build your brand into something that customers identify with. Once your customers are more loyal, the business is likely to grow bigger, faster. What business owner doesn’t want that?

Running a growing business isn’t without its problems. At some point, small business owners struggle with keeping an acceptable work-life balance. For example, the stress of accommodating a surge of orders coming at once can force you to burn the candle at both ends. When this happens, you may need a business coach in Vancouver to show you how to work more efficiently. It could be that your business processes need improvement, or that you’re ready to assume the risk of seasonal employees. Just like teenagers, businesses get “growing pains.” Another thing you should consider when learning cope with business-related stress is some sessions with a life coach Vancouver. Life coaches teach their clients how to know when business problems need to be “kept at work,” and when the problems might be something personal seeping into their careers. It isn’t always easy to distinguish between these sets of problems.

One of the big ways in which business owners struggle is setting up good accounting systems. Most people launch their business to do something they love, and making money is the (essential) compliment to enjoying life. As a result, business bookkeeping is a chore that few enjoy, but many must take care of themselves at first. With a business coach Vancouver BC you can learn how to manage the financial aspects of running a business. We’ll also teach you when to outsource at least a part of these tasks, either to a bookkeeper, accountant, or tax preparer. You shouldn’t have to do everything on your own.

Lastly, before you start a business, make sure it’s a good solution for you and your family. While it’s nice to “fire the boss” and strike it out on your own, not everyone that tries this is successful. That’s one reason why so many new businesses fail every year. An experienced Vancouver business coach can help you to know if your plan is likely to be successful. Also, if you’ve tried to start a business before and failed, we can help you figure out what led to the business failure. Best of all, we can serve as a career coach when you’re looking to make a career change or move up the ladder through entrepreneurship. Give us a call, and we’ll help assess your options.

Prices range from $50 – $75 / hr depending on the service you’re looking for and the size of your project. Book your free consultation today to see which service is right for you!

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