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CRA Guide (Canada Revenue Agency)

Understanding the basic CRA requirements when starting up your business is essential to staying organized and not getting caught with late filing fees. Here is a guide of the most common forms and information I reach for when setting up a client with their CRA documents.

Registering for a Business Number

Note: There are different programs through the CRA that need to be registered for separately.

Business Number (BN)

A unique number the CRA uses to identify a company’s business activity.

Corporate (RC)

If you are a registered corporation


If your income will by $30,001 in 4 consecutive calendar quarters.
Note:  You can still collect and remit GST even if you make under $30,000. If you are unsure about your potential income in one year, this is recommended.

Useful forms and Information

If you have a bookkeeper, Accountant or employees that you would like to grant access to your CRA Account

If you still receive GST or Tax return refunds in the mail, you can receive them directly in to your bank account

This is self service access to your CRA account.  You can update your address and other contact information and lookup information regarding your tax returns.

Here you can find a list of various ways to contact the CRA

A summary page of all the information you will need when setting up your CRA business account

A CRA checklist for new small businesses

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