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Individual Building - Block Bookkeeping Services

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Sometimes a small business doesn’t need to hire a bookkeeper full-time but needs help with one or two small projects. Alternatively, an investor may be looking to invest in a company and needs the Financial Statements reviewed.

Knowing the different types of individual bookkeeping services a bookkeeper can provide is important so you don’t spend more time or money than necessary getting the bookkeeping help you need.

Here are some A La Carte Services that can help your company:

1. Current bookkeeping / financial process review

Useful if you’re in-between bookkeepers or you complete your own bookkeeping and want to improve your processes.

This will be a review to ensure:

  • All current processes are being utilized to maximum capacity

  • Missing processes can be added to increase productivity

  • All required and relevant information is being included

  • The Accounts Payable balance is accurate

  • The Accounts Receivable balance is accurate

  • All bank accounts and credit cards are being accounted for

  • Any discrepancies are noted and a solution can be recommended

2. A Financial Statement Audit

Useful if you’re looking to invest in a company and want to understand their financial position.

This will be a review to ensure:

  • All relevant Financial Statements are provided

  • Review of the AR Aging report to ensure revenue is being collected

  • Review of the AP Aging report to ensure supplier invoices are being paid

  • For any outstanding loans, review of contacts to understand terms

  • Review historic profit and loss trends

  • Review future cash projections

  • Review bank statements to ensure the bookkeeping accurately reflects the account balances

  • Inventory reports to review inventory turnover

3. Budget set-up

This provides a very clear financial plan for your business and allows you to plan for future revenue and expenses.

A budget creation will ensure:

  • Revenue projections are being realistically projected

  • All relevant expenses are being captured

  • Planning can be done for seasonal lows

  • For loan repayments, a timeline can be put in place

  • To plan for future company growth

  • To plan for large expenses

4. Implement electronic / paper-based filing system

When you’re setting-up a new company, you may come across a lot of new documents that you don’t know what to do with. Alternatively, you may be reviewing your current processes and would like to update your systems.

Implementing organizing systems will ensure:

  • All like documents are filed together

  • Important documents won’t be misplaced

  • Outdated or unnecessary documents are decluttered

  • If your company is heavily paper based, you can implement methods to transfer them to an electronic filing system

  • Save time and money by not having to search for missing documents

  • Get a clear understanding of what documents need to be kept

5. Set-up accounting software

There are so many options for setting-up accounting software. Before spending time and money investing in a system, get an assessment of which system will fit your company needs.

Setting-up the correct accounting system will ensure:

  • Templates are set-up correctly and look professional

  • All important information is included in the system

  • Instructions will be provided on how to use the system

  • The system has all the features your company requires

  • The system is not overly advanced for your company needs

Find the right service for your company by checking out my services page and booking a free consultation here.


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