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QuickBooks Online - My Accounting System Choice For Small Businesses

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Q: I’m setting up my bookkeeping for the first time and I’m not sure which accounting system to choose. What do you recommend?

A: There are so many great bookkeeping systems available in today’s online world ranging from free and basic to expensive and complex. In the end, I always recommend the same product – QuickBooks Online. It’s adaptable, easy to use and there are multiple versions depending on your business’ needs. It’s good for small businesses with minimal transactions but has a lot of space to grow in to without becoming complicated.

While QuickBooks Online is a relatively newer system, QuickBooks as a company has a long standing, dependable reputation. They’re also leaders in creating on-the-go features for business owners and easy third-party syncing preferences so QuickBooks Online can link too many other systems.

My favourite attribute is that they’ve developed a variety of resources to support your learning curve and any questions you might have about their products.

Discover the pricing and training features in the links below:

QuickBooks Pricing

QuickBooks Training & Support

For information on hiring a Bookkeeper click here

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