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Let me guess…

  • You’re so far behind in bookkeeping that you have no idea how to move forward.

  • You're scared to follow up with clients because you don't know if they've already paid

  • The anxiety of how much you owe CRA has you in a panic.

  • The fear of being audited by the CRA keeps you up at night.

That’s where we come in…​

Here’s how we do it

✔️ All that stuff that’s piling up but you don’t know what to do with and you know it’s important, we’ll get it all sorted.

✔️ All the years of bookkeeping that you’ve ignored, we’ll get it done.

✔️ All those questions you don’t know how to ask related to your books or the CRA, we already have the answers.

✔️ I’ll help you decipher scary foreign documents filled with words you don’t understand.

✔️ Oh, and those tax bills that freak you out, we can help you work out a payment schedule in a way that works for you and your current cashflow situation.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • An assessment of what your needs are.

  • Full-cycle bookkeeping on all tax years.

  • Support in hiring a bookkeeper or accountant.

First 1 hour consultation: FREE

Service: CAD $55 / hour

Let me guess…

  • You’re a new business owner overwhelmed by the task of organizing the financial back-end

  • You need to register your business, but you don’t know where to start.

  • Calling the CRA freaks you out.

  • You don’t know which government accounts need to be set up.

  • Questioning if you need an accounting software or may operate with Excel.

  • Your filing systems are non-existent, outdated or hard to manage

  • You want to manage your bookkeeping yourself but don’t know where to start


That’s where we come in…​

Here’s how we do it

✔️ We’ll present you with a one-platform solution for all your registration needs.

✔️ We’ll give you the keywords and the right questions to ask the CRA so you get what you need.

✔️ We’ll present multiple options for your accounting software.

✔️ The accounting software that's only being partly used, we'll get it up-to-date, and you trained.

✔️ Those paper receipts, emailed receipts, and online receipts that are everywhere, we'll set you up with one online, a paperless filing system for all your accounting documents

✔️ We will set up all of your processes, procedures and filing systems to hit the ground running

✔️ That CRM system that will allow you to work remotely, we'll find the right one for you


Here’s what you’ll get


  • A fully registered business.

  • A personalized guide to talking to the CRA.

  • A clear understanding of all government accounts you need to operate.

  • The right software to keep your books up-to-date. 

  • A checklist to get your bookkeeping started.

  • Customized set-up of accounting systems and electronic filing systems

  • Assist with syncing third-party software

  • Assist in gathering / centralizing documents

  • Advise on setting up bookkeeping / financial processes and procedures

  • Advise on general payroll implementation

First 1 hour consultation: FREE

Service: CAD $55 / hour

Let me guess…

  • You want to expand your company but aren’t sure how to make it happen

  • You’re frustrated that you’re not achieving your goals

  • You have a lack of clarity around your business goals and objectives

  • You've dreamt of having a financial budget but don't know where to start.

  • The fear of not knowing how much money is coming in or going out has you up at night..

That’s where we come in…​

Here’s how we do it

✔️ That business plan or goal list you’ve always dreamed of, we’ll make it happen

✔️ An action plan that gets those goals done, we’re on it

✔️ We create a financial plan that matches your business plan

✔️ That budget you've always dreamed of having, we'll help you build a 1 - 5 year budget

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Build customized financial plans and budgets

  • Coaching on defining your business goals targets for 1 year, 3 - 5 years and 10-year objective

  • Create business plans to help business owners chart a road map to success

  • Align goals with financial plans

  • Design projects that support business goals and assist in implementing them

  • Set specific goal markers to measure success along the way

First 1 hour consultation: FREE

Service: CAD $75 / hour

Let me guess…

  • You’ve lost track of how many bank accounts, credit cards and investment accounts you have

  • You don’t know how much you owe the CRA

  • You don’t know how to pay that debt down

  • You want a personal financial plan and budget but it intimidates you

That’s where we come in…​

Here’s how we do it

✔️ The money you don’t know how to track, we’ll get you set up with a budgeting system

✔️ Those financial goals you keep thinking of but don’t have a plan for, we’ll create a financial / budget plan so your goals are all in one place

✔️ Those CRA questions you have, we’ll get them answered for you

Here’s what you’ll get

  • A set of 6 or 12 - 30 minute meetings once per month

  • Support in gathering all of your financial information into one place

  • Support with setting up and understanding budgeting software

  • A 1-year, 3-5 year and 10-year financial / budget plan

  • A plan to turn your financial / budget plan into actionable items

First 1 hour consultation: FREE

Service: CAD $75 / hour

CAD $400 / 6 meetings (you save $50)

CAD $800 / 12 meetings (you save $100)

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