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These templates will ensure you don't miss a key step in managing your business or misplace a document.

Start-up Checklist

This checklist will ensure you don't miss a single step of setting up your financial systems from the very start of your business.  Stay assured from the beginning that you're finances are managed successfully.

Download Here

Document Checklist

Keep track of all your important financial documents each month with this document checklist.

Download Here

New Employee Hire Form

Gather all the important employee information you need, when hiring an employee, to ensure payroll is processed correctly each pay run.

Download Here

New Subcontractor Form

Use this form to keep all of your subcontractor's key information in one place.  This will help ensure you have copies of relevant WorkSafe Canada information and can prepare T5 forms.

Download Here

Employee Contact Information Form

This form is perfect for employers to keep their employee information in one place.

Download Here

Employee Wage Tracker

This Employee Wage Tracker will help you manage multiple employee wages so you don't lose sight of who's owed what.

Download Here

Contact Information Form

This form can be used to fill in your business and bank information to send to customers.

Download Here

Expense Report

Both Employers and employees can use this expense report to track all of their out-of-pocket expenses.

Download Here

Work Plan Template

Do you need help tracking all of your projects and staying on top of your to-do list?  This template will ensure you don't miss any to-do list items you need to take care of.

Download Here

Equipment List

Track all of the equipment for your company with one simple list.

Download Here

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